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Anissa Cosby

Energy Healing Alchemist

Helping spiritual individuals receive clarity & insight on the spiritual side of their lives, career, & business & get in alignment with their soul purpose.


When the world seems so big...

You might feel buried. Unable to reach the highest that you can be.

You know that you have a deeper purpose, something inside is trying to rise up, but you are unsure of how to find the key to unlock gate that is blocking you.

When your intuition is trying to tell you something, you feel this deep knowing inside but also a sense of confusion.

The world seems so big, loud, and bright.

How do you sift through it all and listen to the most important pieces of yourself?

When you’re out of Spiritual alignment, things can get confusing very quick.

If you’ve been feeling this way lately, it’s time to seek Spiritual Advising…

Hi there!

I'm Anissa Cosby, Energy Healing Alchemist and Spiritual Advisor.

What is Spiritual Advising?

Spiritual Advising is when you seek answers from an Oracle, who is a messenger of Spirit. An Oracle goes on your behalf to commune with Spirit and the Ancestors. They deep dive into finding the answers to your questions and resolutions to your situations.

With an Oracle by your side, you can seek guidance and coaching, learn how to listen to your intuition, and learn ways to grow both Spiritually and physically. Spiritual Advising and Tarot Readings are ways you can seek Spiritual Guidance.

If you want to hone your intuition, learn more about your purpose, and seek guidance for what your next steps are, then you are in the right place!

Spiritual Services

I offer a variety of oracle services that can help you move to the next step, whether you are in need of clarity for business or personal reasons.

The Oracle Society

An impactful membership for spiritual individuals who want to embody their spirituality through their daily walk in life.


Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings can help you sort out any areas of stress, make informed decisions, and give you perspective of what’s to come.


Spiritual Intensives

Spiritual Intensives are one time healing sessions where you can unload all of your thoughts, emotions, and situation(s) unto me.


Spiritual Advising

1:1 coaching that help business owners receive clarity and insight on the spiritual side of their business and get in alignment with their soul purpose.


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The story about a girl with Magick...

I started my spiritual journey over 17 years ago when I attempted suicide at the age of 13. When I didn’t succeed, I learned that I had a higher purpose in life and I embarked on my journey to figure that out.

I have an amazing husband who helps me lead our horde of minions. We have a rambunctious trio of kids whom we love so much. We invest in time to grow our spirituality and teach our children about it every chance that we get.

I’ve learned that I am passionate with helping individuals heal from their spiritual trauma and providing them with action steps they can take to living the life they desire and deserve.


Recent Client Breakthroughs

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